New Plugins: RetroSynth and RetroSynth Lite (Free)

New Plugins: RetroSynth and RetroSynth Lite (Free)

We're very proud to announce the release of RetroSynth and RetroSynth Lite, two new virtual instrument plugins for Windows and macOS.

RetroSynth is a straightforward and versatile instrument plugin with 87 ready-to-use multi-sampled presets.

Explore reimagined classic synth sounds like keys, leads, plucks, and pads, all designed from vintage synthesizers and further manipulated with effects for a unique retro-modern interpretation.

RetroSynth comes with an ADSR envelope, LFO modulation, lowpass & highpass filter cutoff, also effects such as reverb, chorus, delay, and distortion.

If you're into Retro, Lofi, Pop, EDM, and other similar genres, this plugin can be a handy tool for creating some sparkling melodies and hooks.

RetroSynth Lite is the free version of the RetroSynth plugin and comes with 8 multi-sampled presets taken from the full edition.

Apart from fewer presets, there are no other differences compared to the commercial version.

RetroSynth is now on sale (Cyber Monday Week) and costs only €7.99 EUR (71% off reg. price €28.00 EUR). RetroSynth Lite is 100% free.

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